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Originally released in 2007, it has been the bands best selling release to date although 'Shot Like A Rocket' is right on it's heels! The original version has been out of print almost a decade and we thought we would never have the chance to get any more copies. Well, things have changed and we were able to secure a final pressing of the original release! The original artwork AND original masters! Just like it was in 2007.


Some songs are also on 'Shot Like A Rocket' while others like "Be Your Man", "Just Another Night", "Ride It Like You Stole It", "Rock-N-Roll Machine", "I Hate Love", "Come Home", "Juggernaut", and "Bury The Hatchet" are exclusive to this release.


This CD is a big part of the bands history so if you would like to purchase a copy, then BUY NOW before they are gone. 


Track Listing


01.  I'm Ready - Let's Go

02.  Party Like A Rock Star

03.  Be Your Man

04.  Juggernaut (Built For Speed)

05.  Not Your Fool

06.  Rock n Roll Machine

07.  I Hate Love

08.  Sister Mary

09.  Bury The Hatchet 

10.  Just Another Night

11.  Ride It Like You Stole It

12.  Come Home

Rock n' Roll Machine (Original Issue)

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